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Spirituality: Many Lenses, Many paths

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Collectivive Wisdom 2-3
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Most of the authors and researchers seem to agree on the components of collective wisdom – the quality of group understanding that is neither the intellect alone nor of any individual alone. That most certainly describes a spiritual community. We also find that they agree that there seems to be deep listening, a suspension of certainty, a seeking of diverse perspectives, a respect for others in group discernment, welcoming all that arises, and a trust in the transcendent as it expresses through all. During these coming Thursday discussions, we will look at these components and share how they show up in our lives. We will start on Thursday, April 2 with Deep Listening as the subject. Rev. Jim will provide copies of the chapters of his newest book, “Developing a Spiritual Community with Collective Wisdom” as a guide. Join us on Thursdays via Zoom (session 6239746443) (Password 6239746443) to engage with others in this practical and needed exploration.

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