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Spirituality: Many Lenses, Many paths

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May 4th - tomorrow - at 1pm we will begin to discuss Michael Singer's Living Untethered. I have read about half the book and, if you have the slightest confidence in my recommendation: READ THIS BOOK! Here are some questions that are answered in the first 5 chapters.

Chapter 1 - Awareness of Self

a. Who is it that is doing the seeing?

b. What is meant by being the subject that is experiencing the object?

Chaper 2 - The Conscious Receiver

a. "You in there, who has no body parts, can't have a gender." What does that mean?

b. What constitutes the "Self"?

Chapter 3 - Living Inside

a. Why do people have so much trouble with death?

b. What do you do to make it "nice in there"?

Chapter 4 - The Three Ring Circus

a. What is the three ring circus?

b. How does te circus show up in your life?

c. Where does it come from?

Chapter 5 - Exploring the Nature of Things

a. What is the underlying purpose of this book?

All that in 5 short chapters! Amazing! It clears up a lot of "fuzzy" thinking!

Rev. Jim

Bj Bishop
Bj Bishop
May 05, 2023

I bought the wrong bookI thought I had this book i'll have to get it and next Thursday I have a doctor's appointment so I know I won't be in class with you guys much love BJ



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