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Spirituality: Many Lenses, Many paths

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Hi. I’m new. I’ve never been to a church of Scientology before. I have found most comfort in large Non Denominational Church‘s who practice the gift of prophetic words. I I have attended Baptist and Presbyterian as well. The latter two of which seem more more likely to be missing out on what I have learned which is that all religion’s and tribes have learned about God and who he is. The only difference is the name they call Him .

Jul 25, 2022

Hi Jennifer. Welcome! We are Unity as Cini shared. We assert that there is only one presence and one power in the universe. Some call it God, Spirit... It is that life presence within you and everyone. And yes, if you develop your discernment, you can know and experience the guidance... You are welcome to join us on Thursdays at 1pm via Zoom, at 10am on Sundays in Fort Collins, or I can join you in conversation via Zoom most anytime. Thanks for your comments and visit with us! Rev Jim



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