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Spirituality: Many Lenses, Many paths

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We will start a new discussion group on March 12th at 6:30pm. It will be held in-person at Unity of Fort Collins as well as online via Zoom (6239746443) with same number as a password.

This material first  published about 100 years ago as a correspondence course. It is the key to the metaphysical teachings of Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of Unity. In it we will find fascinating quotations and comments on metaphysical spirituality including the nature of God and humanity, the relationship of God to humanity, and the practical application of metaphysical philosophy.

Here you will find that Mind does two crucial things: it creates and emits Divine Ideas. You will see that true, perfect nature is what metaphysical thinkers know as an “idea.” The Divine Idea for human beings is given a special term, “the Christ.” It is said that Divine Ideas form the “pattern” from which things in the material world are expressed. We will discuss these and other topics that flowed directly from the heart and pen of America’s pre-eminent  metaphysician—Charles Fillmore—as revealed to him by God-Mind.

But that was a century ago. Has the metaphysical ideas evolved? Have these ideas been illuminated by other faith traditions? We will find out as we discuss spiritual metaphysics together.

The attached file includes material by Charles Fillmore, but we will be looking at antecedents in New Thought, how metaphysics has evolved over the past century, the influence of other faith traditions, and your personal and our collective beliefs.


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