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Spirituality: Many Lenses, Many paths

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We will continue our discussion on April 21st: Prosperity, Tithing, Relationships, Health and Healing... For those without a book, I attach copies of pages! See you at 1pm MDST!!!

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Bj Bishop
22 avr. 2022

Thank you, BJ! Yes, miss Ellen and Lois. I see Ellen at Unity of Fort Collins. She gave a great "Rumi - Persian Poet - reading there recently. I believe Lois' inclination to the meditative Quaker community feeds her soul. Somehow the Zoom password would not work for Ginger yesterday. And, of course we have Roy who is away right now; Cini who had an obligation with a dentist; Meridian who has a lot on her plate, but promises to return! So, we progress forward and if anyone has a suggestion to attract others, I would appreciate that. More or less of anything??? Thanks again.



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