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There are no coincidences... once we show up!

There are no accidents, coincidences or other “chance” happenings. I wrote the blog on showing up and more expansive ideas started showing up from various sources. It started showing up.

A telephone conversation with a former student advised me that the Black Lives Matter movement that I mentioned in the blog was against families. Her point was that black lives matter is an organization that advocates the dissolution of the “nuclear family.” She told me that she went online and “investigated” the statement as reported on Fox News.

It just didn’t seem “right.” I have taught classes on how to discern truth from error and the outlined principles of discerning that I showed in my book, Perception. My discernment was one where I experienced a heavy energy. In reviewing the question, I had on the Internet, I found an interesting set of facts that were overlooked by the conservative media including those that want to distort the objectives of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter Foundation has a very different purpose than the BLM organization that has hijacked the initials, distorted the message, and as a fake organization confuses the American public under the influence of foreign actors. It is amazing how we can be misled by media with such an agenda and by those that wish to foment distrust and division in our society.

Secondly in that discussion, the Unity student also asserted that the current pandemic was really the flu and she was protected by her thoughts of health and prayer. Why then would so many New Thought practitioners suffer with the result of the infection, even death?

I would say this is an example of Metaphysical Malpractice. The Virus, all viruses, are part of the living world of nature. When we are in balance with all living things, these organisms bless us and help us. We coexist and cocreate this world of nature.

“The extent to which viruses are around in our environment isn’t completely appreciated,” says Ken Cadwell, a microbiologist at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine. He and other scientists are starting to understand the ways we can better coexist with viruses. In one study Cadwell demonstrated that viruses can protect against intestinal damage.

It is when nature is out of balance that harm comes to all living beings and most of the imbalance is caused by the human species.

Our intentions, affirmations and prayers do not interfere with the created, purposeful, and marvelous world of nature. We are all hosts to many varieties of bacteria and viruses. Our powerful and creative thoughts are there to bless our bodies and all living things in all forms. It promotes balance and synthesis. It brings our immunity into balance. That balance is also created by our healthy thinking, our healthy diet; healthy exercise; and the avoidance of harmful chemicals in our food and environment. Fear, unforgiveness, shame and other thought “dis-eases” form “gaps” in immunity along with the unhealthy life practices.

So, is there truth in not masking up as some sort of spiritual exercise or demonstration? Absolutely not. We are the hosts to many types of organisms and our masks protect us if there are gaps in that immunity. But, most of all, it is a caring action towards and for our brothers and sisters that might be exposed to a virus – part of creation – that we all carry.

So, be careful of the thoughts, the conspiracies, and the fears we spread. More dangerous than the little virus, the mind viruses spread. Be it Black Lives Matter, the Corona Virus, Global Temperature Change, fear peoples of another race or national origin, ideas of supremacy of my race, gender, religion or nationality; these are viruses of my mind being spread, generating fear and division that may appear as some sort of spiritual theory. There is only one presence and one power showing up as spiritual beings in human form, and even in a multitude of unexpected forms. A little virus, a dog, an elephant, you, me…

Note: Besides discernment, how do you know which sources are reliable? There are several organizations that rate the trustworthiness of news organizations:

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