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Sunday Service Talk - December 11
Anne Hudgens 
'What are the spiritual lessons?'

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My dear mother-in-law made her transition on November 3.  We spent the last six months caring for her mostly in our home.  When my sister called to express her condolences, she lead with the question "What are the spiritual lessons?"  

What are the spiritual lessons indeed!  The beauty, difficulty and wonder of staying close in the process of transition. This was my first experience of participating in an "uncomplicated" death, celebrating a life well lived without unfinished business, anger, and regret.  Each prior "complicated" passing of my family members brought deep spiritual lessons-mostly in my own journey of healing. This one was different. Full love, gratitude for the simple things, the curiosity of dementia, the lifting of the veil and the passing from our sight. 

I am grateful and less fearful.  It will be my honor to share a little bit of my spiritual journey and to honor an elder that lived and died so well.  


Bio: Anne is currently serving as the President of the Unity Council and a member of the Support Team. Anne had a long and wonderful career at CSU which included roles as the Dean of Students and Executive Director of the Health Network. She retired in February 2021, which freed up time to contribute to the healing and reclamation of our weird church. 

Unity of Fort Collins has been Anne's spiritual home since the 1980's.  Anne and Robert met in the Friendship Room in a Course in Miracles group and were later married by Unity ministers. Both kids were brought up in Unity teachings with life lessons taught by beloved Miss Pam. Unity of FC has sustained us through all of our life passages. We are grateful.

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