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This Sunday July 10

"Awakening to Truth" -- Gloria Willis

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Gloria's message is based on key principles from the study of Joel Goldsmsith's book Realization of Oneness. Joel Goldsmith (1892-1964) was an American spiritual author, teacher, spiritual healer and modern day mystic. He founded The Infinite Way movement. His work is highly regarded and continues as a basis for spiritual study all over the world. A small and dedicated group of people from Unity of Fort Collins have studied this work for the past 12 weeks.

This Sunday's message will give you even more practical ways to know God and yourself as an expression of God. Do you wonder at times how to make God real in your life? Joel gives us several ways to deepen our practice of knowing the Truth and putting it into action. Did you know that stillness is the beginning of awakening?  Some of the ideas to be shared July 10th include: oneness vs. twoness, consciousness and absolutes. As Unity students these principles will not be new to you,  however, what our study group has found is that the consistent practice of applying them can be challenging and is most important. 

next Sunday July 17

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Popular singer/songwriter duo Jan Garrett and JD Martin will perform songs and deliver our Sunday message. Here's how they describe their topic: "The world is so polarized and so turbulent at the moment that it is hard to tell who is telling the truth and who isn't. But when we tune into the heart and come from our deep spiritual practice, we embody the Divine Love Intelligence that is breathing us and looking through our eyes. Then we can show up, make a powerful and positive difference, and Tell a Stronger Story."

Jan & JD love bringing things together: Musical styles, spiritual and philosophical perspectives, and most importantly, people. Both are consummate musicians, performers, and songwriters in their own right, with long and illustrious individual careers. The big magic happens when they come together.

Afterward, we will gather for a potluck lunch in the Friendship Room, so plan to stick around and connect with your community!

"tell a stronger story" 

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