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This Sunday august 21

"What is expectant listening?" Rev Jim Yeaw

Image by Mahdi Bafande

What is Expectant Listening?   The local Congregational Church has a huge banner out front that states: God is still speaking! Millions of Christians would disagree. God is offline; God has gone silent; God no longer speaks. Many believe God wrote the last book of the Bible, Revelation, just prior to 100 AD and that was the final word! And yet we speak of the still, small voice. We still seek experience of the presence of God. Rev. Jim will share what he has learned about the practice of “Expectant Listening.” He will encourage us to notice the variety of ways in which God shows up in our lives, revealing God’s “deep, long thread of guidance.” After all, if we are an expression of God, God must be showing up! He believes the final chapter or the final act is yet to be!

next Sunday august 28
Courtney Fuchs



Courtney  moved to Fort Collins just last December after living her whole life in Kansas City Missouri. She and her husband moved here to be with their only daughter who after graduating from CSU ended up settling here.

Courtney retired about six years ago from her last job. Over the years she was a ballet teacher,  attorney, at home mom, boutique owner and office manager.

Inspired by her spiritual path and wanting to share that inspiration, a few years back she started a blog called A Deeper Joy. She suspended the blogs but still maintains a Facebook page (A Deeper Joy) and an Instagram account (a_deeper_joy) where she posts inspirational quotes from a variety of sources. Many of the posted quotes are created by Courtney who overlays the quote onto her own photography.

Courtney considers her primary spiritual teacher Dr. David R Hawkins and is excited that she will be hosting a revived Fort Collins Hawkins study group in the near future.

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