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this Sunday October 9
Rev. Sharon Bush - Faith Wispers

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The ancient Essenes tell us in their texts written 2,500 years ago, in a very precise language, that every human lives on this earth in three worlds at the same time. We live in the world of thought, the world of feeling, and the world of emotion. The ancient texts tell us that when these three become one…when the thought, the feeling, and the emotion are merged – merged together into a single potent force, then when you say to the mountain, “Move.” The mountain will move. I used to believe that this was a metaphor. In today’s world, people have seen, in the monasteries of Tibet, and the holy people in Bolivia and Peru, and the native traditions of the southwest desert, as well as the medicine-less hospitals in Beijing, China – that this is not a metaphor. It is a literal fact. When thoughts, feelings and emotion become one, we can literally change the stuff that our world is made of. We can rearrange the atoms of matter through the belief waves that emanate from our heart. Join us as we explore our imbedded theology, what is still serving us and what do we choose to let go. Are you ready to create your own Living Faith?

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