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Unity of Fort Collins is a progressive spiritual community that emphasizes personal growth, living consciously and making a positive difference in the world. As part of New Thought and the worldwide Unity movement, we are a vibrant, open, and affirming community that includes people of all races, religious backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities.

vision statement

Centered in love, inspired by Spirit, we awaken, connect, and thrive

Our Mission statement

At Unity of Fort Collins, we are creating a loving community by holding a safe and sacred space where all are supported to learn, grow, and participate in an awakening world.

Our core values

INCLUSION - We welcome every person as naturally good and inherently valuable no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.

COMPASSION - We open our hearts to each other and to the world in our human experience

INTEGRITY - We live the Truth we know.

OPENNESS - we are willing to expand  our understanding of dynamic and evolving spiritual truth.

COMMUNITY - Together we create a multifaceted celebration of joy, gratitude, laughter, reflection and service.

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