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Review the membership description below, then click on the link under it to declare yourself a Member of Unity of Fort Collins.

Description of Membership, as per our Bylaws, updated in January of 2022:


Section 2.01           Description of Membership


Membership is open to all who identify with the community, teachings and connection to one’s own unfolding spiritual path.  To become a member, one need only choose to be so and complete the membership form.    Unity of Fort Collins identifies as both interdenominational and non-denominational leaving us free to embrace teachings and inspiration from the full plethora of spiritual practices. A UFC member is wholly free to live life according to the inspiration of the Spirit of Truth within. 

Active members enjoy being involved, attending services, participating in events, and investing service, talent, and resources to the betterment of the community. 

Section 2.02           Rights of Members

Members of Unity Fort Collins shall have the right to:

A.       Attend and participate in decisions requested of members at regular Council or membership meetings.

B.       Choose members to the Unity Council as specified in Section 4.03D.

C.       Ratify the bylaws or any amendments specified in Article X.

D.       Reach consensus on any question of sale or pledge or purchase of real property owned, or to be owned and used that exceeds five thousand dollars ($5000) in value.

E.       A person must have declared membership at least 60 days prior to participation in decisions considered at membership and council meetings.

Section 2.03  Removal of Members with Cause

A member may be removed for cause by the Council.  The member must have an opportunity for a hearing before the Council. 

If you have questions, please contact Revs Jim or Sharon, or any Council member.

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