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Unity International Projects (UIP)

Unity of Fort Collins has a strong connection to Guatemala.  A group from our community first traveled there in 2015, and has since returned five more times.  Our group originally started working with local non-profit Trees, Water People (TWP), and traveled with them to the villages of La Bendicion and Nuevo Todos Santos.  

The commitment to these communities led Unity of Fort Collins to create an outreach team, Unity International Projects (UIP).  This heart-centered spiritual group is dedicated to creating health, sustainability and growth with these sister communities.  Each time a group has traveled to La Bendicion and Nuevo Todos Santos, it has been a life-changing experience for everyone involved.  The heart and soul of the UIP members have created long lasting bonds with the communities in Guatemala during the annual visits.   

UIP Council.jpg

UIP Council: Carol Kimbell, Robert Hudgens, Cindy Sargent, Mike Hawes.

group picture leaving La Bendicion.jpg

UIP's first trip in 2015.

UIP of Fort Collins is a heart-centered spiritual group dedicated to creating health, sustainability, and growth with our Guatemalan sister communities of La Bendicion and Nuevo Todos Santos. By nurturing reciprocity with our sister communities, along with other complimentary organizations, we are participating in our mutual growth while creating a loving, connected world.

our mission:

uip intention:

Develop a friendship and extended community between Unity of Fort Collins and the villages of La Bendicion and Nuevo Todos Santos.

Support and advocate for their vision of a striving, regenerative community that lives in harmony with the earth.

Learn the virtues of cooperative community and being 'at one' with the environment

Nurture recriprocity and mutual growth as we work together to crate a better and more connected world


During the six total trips there over the years, many projects have been completed, including improving water storage and distribution systems, installing clean wood burning stoves in homes, supporting the women’s community garden, the youth group’s beekeeping/honey production, and supplying Spanish books for a library. 

Women's Health Education &
Days for Girls


The UIP team worked with a women's group on health education and provided Days for Girls training and supplies.

Honey Processing Training


UIP and TWP supported the youth group in beekeeping & honey production and researched creating a market for their honey. They also found a local expert to train them on raising native bees and processing the honey.

Community KItchen

Constructing New Community Stove.JPG

UIP helped create and fund a community kitchen that included four clean wood burning stoves. 

Community Center Improvements

Repainting Community Center.JPG

The UIP Team helped make many improvements to the Community Center.

Supplying Spanish Books
for a Library


UIP supplied culturally appropriate Spanish books for a library, including books on nonfiction subjects requested by the community and children's books.

Women's Garden


UIP supported the women's community garden.

Water Storage Repair


UIP partnered with Engineers Without Borders to finance the repair of this water storage and distribution system.

For more information about our current projects or next planned trip, contact the Unity office, or any of the UIP Council Members pictured above.

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