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Unity is for "kids" of all ages



In Unity we teach that God is everywhere present, the source of all there is, the awareness behind all experience.  God is life and we express that life through living.  God is love and we give expression to it by being love.  God is Divine Mind and its Divine Ideas.  We teach that God is total oneness, the very life behind each breath we breathe and thought we think, rather than an entity separate from us.


The Youth come together to:

~explore relationships with ourselves, other people & God/higher power/Spirit

~discover our unique talents and purpose

~learn how to apply the Unity principles in our lives

~share loving fellowship

~have fun!

We will enjoy some circle time and have some fun outside.  Our “All together now” program explores Unity core beliefs. 


Unity Principles for children:

~My “Still Small Voice” inside me is good and always with me.  It tells me to use my manners and be polite and kind.  It tells me how I am feeling and reassures me.

~I am good and all others are too.  I love me and other people love me for who I am.

~I create my life by making choices.  I make choices and decisions that are good for me.

~I connect to my “Still, Small Voice” to help me.  I listen.  I breathe.  I have quiet time.

~I do my best.  I try hard.  I take risks.  I try new things.



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