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"Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.”

                                                     Khalil Gibran

Hit that big green button to donate! Or, scroll down for more ways to give to your community. Unity is entirely funded by donations, and we gratefully accept your love offerings.

Image by Pradamas Gifarry

Give by Phone

Donating by phone is Easy and Fast!

We have a QR Code on the back of our bulletin each Sunday. It's easy to scan it with your phone while at church, or use the code below. It  will connect you with PayPal, where you can safely donate.

PayPal Unity QR Code.png

Recurring Donations

It's so easy to do a monthly donation using PayPal! Just check the second box under the amount.
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Image by Kelly Sikkema
Donate PayPal.PNG

We really appreciate it when you are able to set up a recurring donation, which is very helpful to our budget planning. Thank you!

Image by Aamir Suhail

more ways to give

Shop at Safeway/Albertsons

Pick up a reloadable card in the office to be used at Safeway/Albertsons. Use the card to pay when you shop, and Unity will earn up to 5% back. Click here for details.

Vehicle Donations

Instead of selling, trading, or storing your vehicle, you can donate it to Unity and receive a tax deduction. Contact the office for details.

Shop at King Soopers

Simply go online and sign up to give via your loyalty card. Each time you shop and use it--no matter how you pay--you give back to our Unity. Click here for program details.

Of course we always accept and appreciate donations that are mailed or dropped in the basket on Sundays!

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